3 UsesforTouchCleanhardware Door handles in hospitals can spread bacteria to patients with compromised immunity and this vulnerability can mean longer stays in hospital or unwanted outcomes. Buildings where large numbers of people congregate greatly increases the potential for the spread of bacteria as untreated handles will quickly spread an infection eventually reaching people with reduced immunity. Bacterial infections in seniors can have serious outcomes particularly for those with reduced immunity, and fitting TouchClean handles can contribute to the reduction in the spread of bacteria. Public washrooms are a prime source of bacteria and with several studies revealing that around 40% of people visiting facilities do not wash their hands a bacteria killing handle is essential to preventing the spread of harmful bacteria. TouchClean handles will prevent the spread of bacteria in nurseries, first schools and right through to Universities, including halls of residence. Hygiene is vital in these establishments as bacteria can be deposited on handles and spread widely in high traffic areas. TouchClean handles will prevent this. Hospitals/Medical Public places Residential Washrooms Education sector Dentists and general practice