4 KeyPoints TouchClean TouchCleanProjects Safe and friendly to the environ- ment titanium is a natural and common material and is used in cosmetics, paint, the treatment of acne and tooth whitening amongst many other uses. TouchClean anti-bacterial coat- ing comes with a 5 year guarantee whilst still being competitively priced compared with other solu- tions. TouchClean has been successfully independently tested in the UK, Germany and Japan, being scientifi- cally proven to kill bacteria leaving no surface residue. Details and test- ing and certification are available on request. UK Queens Medical Centre Nottingham University College Hospital London Royal Veterinary Centre Hatfield University of Glamorgan Halls of Residence Royal Gwent Hospital Newport Broomfield Hospital Chelmsford Diana Princess of Wales Hospital Grimsby Royal Pilgrim Hospital Boston St Ebbas MHU Epsom Freemans Hospital Newcastle upon Tyne Enniskillen Hospital Northern Ireland Kent and Medway Mental Health Trust International Al Wakra Hospital Qatar Curaheen Hospital Cork Jan Palfijn Hospital Ghent Belgium Geraardsbergan Hospital Belgium Centre de soins ter Hovingen Ghent Belgium Ecole OVLP Bornhem Belgium TouchClean anti-bacterial coating does not alter the appearance of the host product and therefore prod- ucts throughout the project match. Unique self-cleaning action pre- vents dirt and grease from sticking to the surface which lessens the need for strong environmentally un- friendly chemical cleaning products. Factory applied in strictly controlled conditions to top quality door fit- tings, Dortrend has been applying TouchClean anti-bacterial coating for over ten years quality is assured and fully audited. Dortrend has a long and proven track record of completing all sizes and types of projects on time. Below is a short list of some of a wide range of projects we have supplied in cooperation with our partners on a variety of different hardware products.