7 Howdoes TouchCleanwork? Wehavebeenmanufacturingtopquality doorfittingssince1972andhavesupplied TouchCleancoatedhandlesworldwide The Technology TouchClean is a made from titanium oxide which is a photocatalyst that exhibits strong oxidative properties when exposed to [uv] light. It is able to decompose harmful organic compounds, kill bacteria and eliminate odours. This reactivity is used in many environ- mentally beneficial applications including water purification, atmospheric nitrogen oxide removal and self-cleaning buildings. When TouchClean [ti02] absorbs UV light electrons are created from the valence band to the conduction band producing holes in the valence band. The production of pairs of negative electrons and positive holes which is called hoto-excitation the holes in the valence band react with hydroxides on the surface of the titanium dioxide surface by subtracting its electron the result is oxidising to form Hydroxyl radicals. When bacteria lands on the surface it is absorbed the hydroxyl radical attacks it and extracts a hydrogen atom the hydroxyl radical oxidises the bacteria producing water, carbon dioxide and other harmless substances. Hydroxyl radicals have much stronger oxidative power than chlorine or ozone which is used as a steriliser.